Dark Moon pres. Suncolours "Etheria"


Dark Moon pres. Suncolours "Etheria"

Catalogue No.: Bref 2401

 Release Date: 2024-03-14


 A: Extended
 AA: Original

Written & Produced By Christian Stein & Tino Hufeld. www.darkmoon.de

Dark Moon pres. Suncolours - "Etheria" [Breathemusic Flavour]
The year 2024 has arrived and Breathemusic is back with a big bang! With a show case of massive released ahead, we are ready to take off with a release on our brand new sublabel "Flavour", featuring a more progressive side of Breathemusic.
Still not finished with the news, furthermore "Suncolours" is the new project of Breathemusic label founders "Dark Moon". Their debut release "Etheria" is combining a deep progressive groove with a beautiful melody, a sophisticated sound design and an euphoric breakdown leading into the pumping climax of "Etheria"!
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